SebbyNet - WAN - Our Network

Currently we have four individuals which are working together to establish the WAN network. Three of the nodes, Node GQ, Node Meekys and Node SebbyNet are located in Seaton and the forth node, Node JulzNet is in Grange.

Currently there is an active link between Node SebbyNet and each of the three nodes, Node JulzNet, Node GQ and Node Meekys.

Node SebbyNet has a 25dB parabolic antenna providing a dedicated 11mbit link to Node JulzNet, a second 25dB Hills parabolic providing a dedicated 11mbit link to Node GQ and a 8dB omni-directional antenna providing a link to Node Meekys and any other nearby nodes that want to link up to the WAN.

The map below has been drawn to scale.

SebbyNet WAN is managed by: Sebastian Najnert