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This site was setup to provide information about my wireless node as well as the WAN network setup between myself and other users.

My node is located in the suburb of Seaton in Adelaide, Australia.


Friday, 20th February 2004

Today we swapped the SVEC AP at Node GQ to a Minitar AP. The AP upgrade enabled the SebbyNet to GQ link to run at a full 11mbits/sec. The container in which the SVEC AP has been mounted in obviously was not made from UV resistant plastic and hence crumbled easily when when a small amount of pressure was applied. The UV light which penetrated the container gave the SVEC AP a golden tan :) The SVEC AP still functions perfectly.

Monday, 16th February 2004

A 15dB (8 slot) 180deg waveguide replaced the 8dB superpass omni at Node SebbyNet today. Initial test show that it's performance is not much better then the superpass omni. The waveguide is the first antenna to be mounted with a horizontal polarisation. The Minitar AP connected to the waveguide picked up numerous new wireless nodes which had never previously been picked up. Some of the new nodes stumbled from Node SebbyNet include Air-Stream-Julia-Farr, Air-Stream-Carrick-Hill and Air-Stream-Frontier-ISP. A link to one of the three is planed once another parabolic antenna is sourced.

Sunday, 2nd November 2003

Another 25dB Hills parabolic antenna was mounted onto the mast at Node SebbyNet today. This brings the total number of parabolic antennas currently on the mast up to three. This newest one was setup to link to the Air-Stream-Pasadena Node ~14.5km away. All three parabolic antennas currently have active links and there is also one active link to the omni antenna. There are some data throughput issues due to channel overlaps.

Saturday, 1st November 2003

The waterproof enclosure was mounted on the mast at Node SebbyNet today. The access point inside the water proof enclosure was linked up to the super pass 8dB omni antenna using a 600mm rpSMA to N-Male pigtail. This eliminated the need to use a 9m length of heliax cable, which had a loss of ~2dB in signal level.

Also today I visited the Air-Stream-Glengowrie Node to help out with the installation of the backbone links. Due to the extreme weight and height of the mast at Air-Stream-Glengowrie Node, a cherry picker was heired to make the task of aligning three parabolic backbone links much easier.

Wednesday, 29th October 2003

A water proof enclosure for an access point was built today. It is big enough to house a Minitar AP without it being dismantled. The ethernet cable was moded so that power and data could be run over it.

Friday, 24th October 2003

Node Meekys was finally setup today and linked up to Node SebbyNet. The setup consisted of a Minitar access point mounted inside a house roof and linked to a cantenna. The cantenna got a signal of -75dB to an 8dB omni at Node SebbyNet.

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